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  • Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton leads a group through a laughter session to help the rehabilitation of a young woman who had stopped smiling due to dental problems, featured in ‘My Naked Body’ for the Discovery Channel

  • Highly recommended! Entertaining and witty 3-minute short for Channel Four featuring Charlotte Eaton and various inspiring characters being exposed to laughter yoga for the first time. Watch it on this private channel here
  • Link to acclaimed documentary by Prospero Productions exploring the truth or myth of altruism following Charlotte Eaton (among others) in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami
  • Charlotte Eaton joins two Graphics students on the Southbank to support them in a project and protest against cuts in arts funding here


  • Vibrant Kate – previous Lifebulb Laughter Trainee (and aren’t we proud! – she is going great guns now) discusses what she describes as Lifebulb’s “awesome Lifebulb training”. Scroll to 3 hours 14 – finishes at 3 hours 20 mins. Listen here

  • Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton interviewed about laughter yoga on BBC Three Counties Radio. Listen here

  • Dennis Spencer-Perkins and Charlotte Eaton interviewed live for Time FM 107.5 about the joyful occupations of laughing and singing, with a real-live snatch of song. Listen here
  • Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton and Sharon Hart interviewed live on BBC Warwickshire and Coventry on the pure joy of laughing for a living. Listen to it here
  • Charlotte Eaton interviewed on Smoke Radio by Sam Lovell at Roundwood Park laughter sessions North West London. Listen to it here
  • Interview for Touch FM featuring Charlotte Eaton and Sharon Hart – laughter yoga at Stratford River Festival. Listen here
  • Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton and Sharon Hart in a one-hour interview for the Alternative Show. Follow the attached link. The lifebulb interview starts at 1 hour and 6 min with discussions ranging from hilarity through tsunamis and social enterprises all the way to the UK’s own Eddie the Eagle. Irresistible.


  • Laughter Yoga article in The New Yorker, 30th August 2010, by Raffi Khatchadourian from the training course that Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton attended: look out for her in the video! Read the abstract
  • Article in Saga Magazine about Charlotte Eaton leading Laughter Yoga, by Giovanna Dunmall. Read here
  • Blogger Jo Sharffy joins a lifebulb laughter session for part of her aim to ” do one thing a week that I’ve not done before in London” Read about her experience and see photos at LondonNew52
  • Leza Scott-Riddell writes an article posted on the Spirit Guides site, see it at the Spirit Guides
  • Article in Romford Recorder for Barking & Dagenham’s newest choir with lifebulb affiliate and unceasing inspiration Dennis the Bus-Driver, read it here
  • Article featuring Dennis Spencer-Perkins and Charlotte Eaton about the experience of singing and teaching in different languages for community choirs. Read it here
  • Article in London’s Alternative Bucket List, from the point of view of the blogger, who seems to have especially enjoyed the ‘human waffle’, described as ‘the closest most people will probably get to an orgy.’ Enjoy here!


  • Further newspaper and video clippings to light your lifebulb and explode into experiments will appear here shortly, including:
  • Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton doing Laughter Yoga with Becky Anderson, CNN anchor, World Laughter Day
  • Lifebulb article published about Laughter Yoga in GQ magazine with journalist Maruxa del Ruiz Arbol