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Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

Want to gain new skills and give something back? Unique opportunity for personal development and career progression. Further your facilitation skills, broaden your career portfolio, increase your confidence, practice your presentation skills and bring more positivity and joy into your own and others’ lives. Enjoy ongoing support from the key facilitator and laughter colleagues to set up classes, courses and workshops either in public settings or in your office, youth group, care home, school, service, medical centre or for friends and family. Laughter yoga stands alone or is an excellent addition to other creativity-enhancing and stress-relief work.

“Amazing, life-changing, lots of implications for use with different groups” Sandra Wathall, counsellor and lifebulb-trained CLYL

Course Components

  • Daily Laughter Yoga sessions: experience the health benefits for yourself
  • Planning effective sessions: managing individuals, group dynamics, various settings, mixed abilities and ages, creating targeted workshops
  • Creative brainstorming: problem-solving, drawing on group expertise
  • Key concepts: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical basis of laughter yoga, scientific research, experience a deep connection to why, what, how
  • Real-life practice sessions in settings including mental health, schools, physical disbaility, corporate: leave inspired with confidence
  • Business aspects of setting up as a laughter yoga leader: everything you need to get started
  • Group sharing: feedback, support, reflection
  • Facilitation skills: learn/refresh your ability to be lead facilitator and to work in a supporting role
  • Follow up: advertising space for your laughter events on lifebulb’s site, promotion for your sessions through lifebulb’s newsletter, ongoing support from the lead facilitator and your coursemates

“I honestly found every aspect of the course engaging and valuable. Ten out of ten.” Andy Wakeman, after four-day lifebulb CLYL training

Forthcoming Dates or In-House Training
We are not currently running any courses. However, many people book training for their staff at their place of work – for instance for a group of complementary therapists, nursing staff, teachers, presenters, trainers. Please contact us or call 07828 413 484 for more details.
What: Two days indoor training for your certification plus a further two days advanced practical. The first two days finish with a session facilitated by you for locals, friends and family. During the following two days you will be observing, supporting and leading sessions in some of the following: corporate, care home, mental health, physical disability, schools, medical. This is all done with full support, planning and to the level of your confidence. Do just the first two days or all four, (highly recommended). Contact us for enquiries.

“Thanks so much for building those troubleshooting tips into your training, it made it a much higher calibre of information than just how to run an easy session!”
Kate Sharp, lifebulb-trained CLYL

Maximum training group size is 8 so that everyone gets the support and individual attention they need. Session sizes can be anything from 1 to 100 people. Therapeutic Laughter is extremely versatile and works with any number of people, age, level of mobility or cognition.

Prices include a facilitator’s T Shirt, Professional Certification and Manuals for each trainee, plus insurance, tax, and ongoing support following the course.

“Have had the most amazing four days doing the laughter yoga course. Have grown in more ways than I expected. It totally exceeded my expectations.” Narinder Moore, lifebulb-trained CLYL

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What is Laughter Yoga?
Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine developed by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria and is a fast-growing international phenomenon. It combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing (Pranayama) which brings more oxygen to the body and brain, and a positive and deeply connecting experience without relying on jokes or humour. It is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between fake and real laughter, and reaps the benefits either way.

“Hilarious!” M. Land

Film clip
Lifebulb’s Charlotte Eaton was featured in a Channel Four 3-minute short. Witty and entertaining, it should answer all your questions about laughter yoga. Enjoy it here

Why practice Laughter Yoga?
Laughter brings numerous social, emotional and physical benefits.
Scientific studies suggest that a ten minute full-blown belly-laugh is
enough to bring all the attendant health benefits into your life. Laughter:

  • Improves brain function (increased oxygen throughout the body)
  • Reduces pain (increase in natural pain killers: endorphins)
  • Reduces stress (decrease in hormones cortisol and adrenaline)
  • Alleviates depression (increase in beta-endorphins)
  • Lowers blood pressure (tests show that during the session blood
    pressure increases. Afterwards, it drops below its starting level)
  • Boosts the immune system (increase in human growth hormone
    which aids sleep and cellular repair)
  • Increases positivity and mental wellbeing
  • Increases emotional wellbeing and social connectivity

Laughter yoga sessions give a safe, nurturing and hilarious environment in which a laughter specialist facilitates people to enjoy a minimum of ten minutes full-blown laughter, followed by guided relaxation.

What happens in a Laughter Session?

A typical laughter session lasts for 45 minutes to an hour and starts with warm ups followed by laughter exercises in which participants are encouraged to cultivate playfulness and connection with one another, leading to real and contagious laughter. Exercises are interspersed with deep breathing. The session is skilfully choreographed to begin gently, raise the spontaneity, joy and energy into a free-flow laughter meditation, and finish with guided relaxation, grounding and reflection.

Laughter Yoga is open to all:
You do not need to have any yoga ability, a sense of humour, or to be anything other than yourself. All are warmly welcome!

“Wonderful. Haven’t laughed like this in a long time. I’m coming back for more!” C. O’Toole

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All bookings and pricing are dependent on the programme you choose, group size and location. Contact us to secure the services of one of our exceptional lifebulb laughter leaders from across the UK.

“It was brilliantly facilitated and all the people were lovely and caring” Anon, participant in session at Warwick’s Old Bank Cafe mental health drop-in

Sessions for between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours to have all party-goers laughing their socks off and having the time of their life. Use it as an icebreaker to kick off a party with heart-warming, relaxing, hilarious activity, or schedule it later on in the evening to bring everyone together for a surprising and uplifting shared experience.

Community Events
Bring the community together with an uplifting experience that requires no physical ability or mental agility. For all ages, sizes, backgrounds. Laughter is an equaliser and unites people, celebrating our individuality and yet is common to all of humanity. Laughter sessions are effective for non-English speakers also. For large or small groups, indoors or outdoors; discuss your event with us and we will create exactly what you are looking for. Laughter sessions can be tailored to include themed exercises depending on your event.

Corporate & Team-Building Programmes
These training sessions and workshops are designed to help companies and organisations to transform their performance, increase profitability and become leaders in their field. It has been scientifically proven that Laughter Yoga can have a profound effect on individual, group and corporate performance. Book a single session, a half day or one day programme or an embedded programme with support to continue into the future. Or choose to have energising bursts of laughter yoga within a conference day or any other event. See our corporate page or contact us directly here.

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