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We offer exceptional team-building activities to bring you increased courage, confidence, humour, motivation, inspiration and creativity. Our approach is intelligent, professional, innovative and totally unique. We forge genuine refreshing links within workplaces and local communities. Everyone benefits from our passion for bringing people together. Want real added-value? We will grow you to reach your potential and see the horizons of your potential expand.

“Very uplifting! It was great!” Jeff Cummings, Millward Brown

There is a large body of research which focuses on the power of positivity, and guess what? It suggests that bringing lifebulb into your place of work, school or community centre will not only make everyone happy, it will boost your financial success, creative abilities, emotional development, meaningful relationships and give you a longer, healthier life. (Still not convinced? Check out the research links below!)

“Thank you for lighting up our event, you were delightful and people loved the exercise… your delivery was excellent and we all thoroughly enjoyed your session.” Suzanne Akram, BME Development Manager chose to have lifebulb laughter exercises interspersed during a recent conference day for 100 people in Surrey

Business: numerous pieces of research show that positivity and optimism result in better health and greater personal and business success: for instance 88% higher sales. (see research).

“Never did I have an enjoyable afternoon like that. It was brilliant!” 
Chrystalla Loizides, IT tutor Southgate College

Connection: changing the way you communicate with people helps you become more attractive and more relaxed: a finely-tuned individual in a hub of good humour (see research).
“There was an atmosphere of energy, acceptance, non-judgement of others. Wonderfully open space expertly facilitated… it was jam-packed full of fun, learning and challenges.” Janice Crompton-Brough, Human Resources

Physical: positivity has been found to combat heart disease (see research), improve blood pressure, (see research) reduce stress (see research), reduce the effect of diabetes (see research), improve your lung capacity (see research), reduce pain (see research) and boost your immune system (see research). Practicing positivity has both preventative and restoratative health benefits!

“I just want to thank you again for your powerful course! I’ve been feeling happier and “lighter” all week” Anke Lanham, Primary School Teacher

Mental: relax your mind, promote creativity and ease the way to thinking clearly (see research)


We offer positive, life-enhancing workshops to unleash creativity, support individual development and group connection, and help people achieve their full potential through a number of channels. Our speciality is optimism with components of laughter yoga, and/or singing in harmony. We also work closely with other facilitators to provide an inspiring cross-disciplinary experience including Anusara Yoga, Theta Healing, Meditation, Creative Writing, Breathwork and Drumming.

“Before the workshop I felt stressed, unhappy, generally not looking forward to it, so far out of my comfort zone. Afterwards I felt absolutely the opposite. Energetic, made a real shift emotionally.” Tom Miller, Owner of Car-Valet Business

You can choose from a variety of workshop options; from just an hour’s positive blast, a half or full day’s exceptional optimism training, to a six-week progressive course in positivity to really change people’s internal world and the team’s deep connectivity. We can work with you and your team in-house, or for the more adventurous we run fantastic programmes which involve training you to excel in positive communication and stress-relief, and then taking you out into the community to share it with inspiring community groups. This is a particularly powerful, valuable and unforgettable experience for both your team and the group visited. We can also arrange to bring members of the community into your workplace. Equally, if you are a community group looking for a session in or from a workplace, please get in touch. This is a beautiful, mutually-beneficial experience.

Fill in your details here for more information, or contact directly on 07828 413 484 to discuss your chosen options.

Lifebulb Ltd is a social enterprise with close community links which makes us flexible, inventive and responsive to a great variety of situations and requirements. This means that whether or not you decide to have a community engagement workshop, your organisation also contributes to and benefits from the social aspect of our company. Further information can be found here or please contact us to discuss our ethos and work, or to devise a project proposal together.

“Laughter yoga has been an amazing experience that continues to be part of my life. The patients at Beverley house [secure mental health unit] are still raving about it and they have spoken to their consultant about its positive effects. I have proposed in our management meeting that we put it as a regular treatment on our treatment program and the management board etc believe it will definitely impress our commissioners. I’ve spoken to our consultants and managers at the Mental Health NHS Trust also. Every single one without exception testify to it’s benefits and some even practice it themselves as a de stressor prior to coming onto the ward each day. I have been asked to conduct introductory workshops for staff first then patients. I’ve even started 1:1 sessions with severely depressed patients even at their bedsides and they have reported positive effects too. Thank you ever so much for your input to Beverley House and my life too.” Karen Forbes, Occupational Therapist


All workshops are tailormade for your organisation and priced accordingly.

For more information, to make a booking or for a free sample of pure positivity call 07828 413 484 or click here.

“I feel more alive, more in the moment… A very simple catalyst to help people turn up their inner light and feel ALIVE. Ten out of ten, A*****” Fiona Miller, Energy Re-start

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