Meet, Explore, and plant your Newsbulb

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

This blog has a few offerings for you. Please leave comments, send messages, or contact us with something you would like to see included.

You can explore some weird and wonderful anthropological adventures alongside the curious experimenter Charlotte Eaton. These are carried out in the interests of exploring the horizons of reality, and come with mild health warnings.

Alternatively, you can meet a few of the people that you may pass by every day and never speak to. Charlotte has meant for a long time to share the wonderful exchanges she has with the colourful characters she talks to as she makes her way across London or the UK. It is rare for her not to talk her way everywhere. This is a blog in deference to that daily beauty.

And you can settle back and catch up on the latest lifebulb news, photos and breakthroughs with our very own broad-sheeted and rustling newsbulb.