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Pop with positivity! Did you know that being positive significantly increases your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, opens up your creative channels, fosters communication, makes you more attractive and invites fabulous fulfilling relationships? Our mission is to bring all that enrichment and added value to your life, workplace and local community. Not only will we help you realise your current potential; we will bring you avenues of new possibility so your horizons just keep on extending.

“Thank you for bringing out a side of me I did not think I had… thank you for opening my eyes to different worlds .” Alicia Ward, Beautician, Leamington Spa


We offer high-quality workshops in optimism and the power of positivity, laughter yoga, voice-work and singing, and creative elements including writing and artistic process: bringing you new experiences and fresh possibilities. We take a profound but playful approach; helping you respond to the wealth of experiences that life brings.

“Challenging enough to blow the cobwebs away and then room to allow fruitful growth in the clear space” Mary Evans, Brighton UK

Book us for sessions, workshops, courses, events, concentration-enhancement at conference days or for motivational speaking. For private, community or corporate. Visit our corporate & community page here or contact us


Lifebulb Ltd is a social enterprise, which means we are a business run for you!

We achieve a high level of social output and we foster the unique inspiration which feeds the most exciting aspects of entrepreneurism. Pricing is on a sliding scale to make us accessible across the board and we go out of our way to foster links from big business to community, public and private. We enjoy as much fun-filled creativity and social harmony in the office as we create with you in our workshops and we are not afraid to lead the way in this, as you may gather from lifebulb’s youtube channel.

“I have watched people grow so much, which has been so beautiful. Before the workshop I felt nervous and worried that I’d be rubbish. After the workshop I felt so glad I did it. I have learnt so much about myself and others, and essentially what it is to be human. I know I can do it, which is a great feeling.” Suzy Harvey, Finsbury Park, London

Chuck us a comment on lifebulb’s facebook and meet the team below:


Charlotte Eaton: Lifebulb Managing Director and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT)
Charlotte Eaton has a degree in Music and Philosophy joint honours, which provided her with the perfect foundation for developing both the rational/logical and the instinctual/expressive aspects which have fed into her experiences and career ever since. She has always worked in expressive facilitation and positivity: as a music teacher and community choir director, as an outreach worker for people with disabillities, as an English teacher and then impromptu aid-worker in Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami (this was an independent, self-led role providing motivation and support for people to re-start their small businesses). She is passionate about inspiring people to realise their full potential and access their innate positivity and creativity. She particularly enjoys the diversity of working with adult groups from all sectors of society. Charlotte currently runs social enterprise Lifebulb as a workshop facilitator and teacher trainer in laughter yoga, expressive voice-use and singing.

“Managing lifebulb is an exciting challenge. I enjoy running a business, having an outlet for creative ideas and developing organisational skills and enterpreneurism. The connections with people and new experiences which are lifebulb’s core work are a source of refreshment and immense pleasure.”

lifebulb laughter yoga leaders

Kate Sharp CLYL Cheltenham
Kate’s laugh is a deep, rich, hearty guffaw with floral topnotes of giggles, vibrating predominently in the ‘ha’ range. It belongs to someone who brings joy and colour to a laughter group with a reassuring blend of zaniness and organisational aptitude.

Kate and her husband Joe (pictured together) achieved their Laughter Yoga certification in Greece… as their honeymoon! It was hilariously wonderful.

Kate is not only a fully-fledged, inspiring and delightful laughter yoga teacher based in Cheltenham, she teaches Imaginative Writing to adults and children and pens pun-filled pantomimes. Find her at www.vibrantkate.com

Narinder Moore CLYL Birmingham

Narinder has been teaching in Secondary Schools for the past twelve years and is also a Personal Development Facilitator, delivering workshops to students in schools. Narinder is passionate about empowering young people with a variety of simple tools that get them moving forward in their development. Her workshops provide them with the opportunity to use a relaxation technique called The Balance Procedure, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), physical movement to facilitate learning and breathing techniques to encourage concentration and focus.

Laughter Yoga has complemented these tools perfectly, particularly on a personal level for Narinder. Narinder enjoys singing, laughing and sharing the ‘magic’. www.thewheelofwellbeing.co.uk

Fee Miller CLYL Birmingham
Fee (pictured on right in Viking helmet) has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of health and energy well-being and metaphysical healing. She is a (W)holistic Energy Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader and Happiness Facilitator. She loves cupcakes, and sharing and connecting with people from her heart.

Fee offers a variety of heart-led fun work/playshops, groupwork, classes and one-to-one consultations/sessions in confidence building, team-building, personal growth, spiritual growth and releasing fears and phobias. She enjoys creating the catalytic space for you to grow, bloom and shine. www.energyrestart.com